The Bible Cell in our Parish started in 2003, by Fr. Steve Rodrigues – a Bible scholar, a man full of love for the Word of God, with a great depth of knowledge along with a pleasing personality.

Classes were conducted twice a month – approx. one hour durations. We looked forward and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

The Bible classes have been regularly going on till date following in the footsteps of Fr. Steve. Though our total group is of approx 20-25 members, the regular attendance will be an average of 10-12 members. The classes are conducted in an informal manner with all members taking some active role in the proceedings. All the members are on a learning trip, which has helped each one tremendously in their spiritual growth.

So far we have covered all the Gospels and are now into the letters of St. Paul. The main aim of the classes is to have a correct exegesis of the Word of God so as to make our Catholic brethren strong in the faith. Once this happens we will be in a better position to confront our separated brethren.

All efforts are taken to see that tradition, teachings of the Church are upheld.