Bombay Catholic Sabha

Bombay Catholic Sabha (BCS) is one of the largest Christian organization in the country with a membership of over 52,000 with units and presence in four districts of Maharashtra. It was founded on Jan 20, 1989 and is the recognized organisation of the Archdiocese of Bombay representing Social issues including Human Rights, Civic and Political issues. BCS is registered under The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. Regn. No. E 12545 (BOM).and affiliated to All India Catholic Union St. John Bosco,  Borivali (West) unit was established in 1997 with about 25 members. Mr. Thomas D’Sa was the First President of our unit.


“The vision of the BCS is “To Create a Just Society through Involvement in Socio, Civic & Political Affairs.” It is also involved in Human Rights, Inter-religious Dialogue and Environment Issues. Its objective is to work for the empowerment of the community in particular and society in general in the civic, political, social, economic, and educational sectors. “





Aims & Objectives of the Sabha are as follows :

  • To promote the social, economic, political, cultural, educational and general welfare of Catholics in particular and Christians in general.
  • To promote fraternal solidarity among Catholics in the Archdiocese of Bombay, to establish units in all the Parishes and to co-ordinate their activities.
  • To foster in particular civic, social, political and national consciousness among all citizens and more particularly among Catholics, to help them to play a useful and effective role in public life and to contribute to national integration and welfare.
  • To be an exponent of Catholic opinion and to spread the influence of Christian ideals, values and principles in public life.
  • To safeguard the legitimate rights, liberties and interest of the Christian community and to make representation to public and private authorities and bodies in all matters affecting Christians.
  • To undertake humanitarian work, projects or schemes for the needy, irrespective of race, caste, creed or community and to do charitable work in general.
  • To affiliate to the All India Catholic Union and other regional, national or international Catholic organizations and to co-operate with Christian and other bodies having aims and objectives similar to those of the Sabha.
  • To promote renewal within the Church and to foster good relationships through dialogue, collaboration and service between the Church and Society, in keeping with the policy and programs of the Catholic Church.
  • To raise, borrow and to spend funds, to receive or use any gift, donation or foundation in cash or kind. to own and dispose of moveable or immoveable properties and to own and manage institutions for the fulfilment of the objectives of the Sabha.
  • To take all other measures necessary for or incidental and conducive to the attainment or advancement of the aims and objectives of the Sabha.


We meet every third Sunday of the month at 9.00 am.


We have at present 1067 members.  Your membership will show that you are a part of this organization that is committed to doing front line activities to create a better society. It will give a big boost the organization because membership counts. The strength of an organization lies in numbers. Are you a member? If not we request you to fill up the form given by our members outside the church and become a member of the Bombay Catholic Sabha today.  The life membership of the Bombay Catholic Sabha is Rs. 120/- only.


  • The Sabha runs a number of outreach services that include providing Senior Citizens’ I.D. Cards, Minority Scholarships, employment opportunities
  • The Bombay Catholic Sabha liaises with the Government and makes representations to the Government on various issues on behalf of the Community
  • We give awards for students of SSC and HSC for academic excellence, recognize model businessmen and youth.
  • Encourage our youth to take part in the BCS Footcom.
  • We foster Inter religious dialogue and hold interfaith prayer meeting involving the gurus for all religious on 2nd October.
  • We fight for the rights of our community and hold protest rallies whenever it is felt that our community is threatened by divisive forces or our institutions are threatened or attacked.
  • On Justice Sunday we conduct awareness drives and powerpoint presentation making our community aware of the perils faced by the community in various vulnerable parts of our country.
  • We provide details of the candidates who stand for elections and organize meet your candidate meeting so that our community votes for the candidates who have could provide good governance to our country.
  • We also co-host annually the Gorai Cross feast along with the Hindi prayer group in the month of May.
  • The BCS has organised major public rallies at Azad Maidan and Shivaji Park besides other places.