Mission :

“To keep the Parish Vibrant, and to build the community on the foundation laid by St. John Bosco”

Motto :

Each for all, All for Each

The 1st Youth Group was started way back in 1970 when this institution was just formed. That’s because our patron Saint is called the Saint of the Youth and that has always been the Salesian motto – to work with the Youth.

Since the time this church was converted into a Parish in 1993, DBYM started flourishing. DBYM is the result of St. John Bosco and we are keeping his Dream alive, by making sure that every youth has a bright future by keeping an equal mix of all activities such as social, cultural and spiritual activities

We as the Youth of a vibrant parish, make sure to make people enthusiastic and vigilant about their fellow members by keeping activities which can be broadly classified in three categories. They are:

  • SOCIAL: Activities like the zonal football and throwball tournament wherein, people from every zone put up a team, indoor games such as carrom and table tennis tournament, Telegames, which comprises of races and water games are included in this category.
  • CULTURAL: Activities like Parent’s Day celebrations, wherein we put a dance or a skit
  • SPIRITUAL: We involve ourselves in the Parish Choir, Liturgical and Digital ministry, which helps in making the Holy Eucharist more meaningful and fruitful for the parishioners.

We are approx. 50 Youth in DBYM as of now and are open to welcoming all Catholic youth from our parish. This is by far the best personality development programme that a Youth can go through, due to the various activities, each of us are involved in… Many of our Youth have gone on to have successful careers due to the training that is provided here. We have seen Youth bloom into responsible adults, living upto the Catholic tradition.

All the Priests of the parish, are our spiritual guides and we are fortunate to have Mr. Martin D’souza, as our co-ordinator. We also have Youth involved on a deanery level, who make an effort to co-ordinate the activities of deanery to parish.