In the beginning, the Church was very cautious, as is customary and the devotion met with many trials & tribulations. These difficulties were not only expected, but foretold by Jesus to Sr. Faustina.

Jesus told Sr. Faustina in 1938 that she was a Saint and on the 18th April 1993, Sr. Faustina was beatified by Pope John Paul II in Rome. The Divine Mercy devotion has spread to every continent in the world and the feast of Mercy that Jesus demanded be established in the universal Church is today celebrated in thousand’s of Churches throughout the world.

The Divne Mercy devotion started in our Parish in 1999 and still continues. The Novena for the preparation of the feast begins on Good Friday and the chaplet of the Novena prayer’s are recited at 3pm for the 1st three days and thereafter in the evening after the evening mass.

On Good Friday, we have the Divine Mercy Picture placed in front of the altar for veneration till the celebration of the Feast.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is celebrated on the 1st Sunday after Easter and a prayer service followed by adoration is held from 3.00pm to 4.00pm is followed by fellowship.

The devotion in our Parish is fast catching up and we have every reason to believe that most of the families are reciting this chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3.00pm or thereafter.