St. John Bosco Parish Family Cell, was established with the aim to focus on the needs of the families in the parish with regard to social, cultural and spiritual requirements.

The role of the Family Cell is to build, nurture and enrich relationships within and across the families of the parish. The cell comprises of religious and married couples. The Family Cell meets once a month on every 2nd Sunday at 9.00am in the church premises and also has its representatives at the Deanery level.

St. John Bosco Family Cell was established in 2009 with a handful of members, and over the years has grown leaps and bounds. Currently we have a membership of 12 couples actively involved in the activities of the cell.

We draw our inspiration from The Holy Family and we celebrate the feast of The Holy Family every year followed by a small get together and meal together with the priest of the parish.

The main motto of this cell is to fulfill the statement – ‘The Family that prays together, stays together’. This cell aims at preparing animator couples, who can take on Leadership roles in the Parish.

The cell organizes various programmes for different age groups within the families, viz. Senior Citizens, Couples, Singles, etc.

Some of the activities organized are:

  1. Skit competition– for various lay organizations in the parish.
  2. World Marriage Day (renewal of vows) followed by get-together for Married Couples.
  3. Yearly Family Retreats– focusing on strengthening relationships within the family.
  4. Voice Mania– A Singing competition for various Categories focusing on oneness within the family and amongst parishioners.
  5. Thanks Giving Day– A get-together for all parishioners comprising of Interactive Games, Dance and dinner.
  6. Family Cell Cafeteria– All the members of the family cell prepare and sell breakfast after every mass on Sunday mornings, the funds generated are used to conduct various activities the cell organizes.
  7. LILAC– (Live in Love And Christ): LILAC is the most recent initiative of the parish family cell which provides a platform for marriageable boys and girls to meet and interact and find suitable life partners within the Catholic Community. Singles seeking suitable partners register with LILAC, and get-togethers are organised twice a year.

We urge more married couples from the parish to join us and help us in our mission to enrich relationships within families and build a vibrant parish community.