The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is the premier body of the Parish. The body consists of lay and religious representations. The lay councilors represent their communities, cells and associations. The religious councilors represent the institutions that are present in the demarked area of our parish i.e. Bosco Boys, St. Anne’s and Shantidaan. There are 13 communities and about 18 cells and associations in the parish. Many of the 13 communities are further divided into sub-zones. The council meets once every month, practically on the last Saturday of each month.

The Parish Executive meets each month and its main function comprises of drawing up the agenda for the Parish Pastoral Council meeting.

The agenda includes an opening and closing prayer session, confirmation of minutes, a talk given by the Parish Priest, input sessions, evaluations, planning the forth-coming events etc. The meeting may also include animations / presentations (capacity building) with buzz sessions, group discussions, etc. The Parish Priest or some resource person, either from the parish or outside, conducts these animation sessions.

The parish councilors also have training at least twice a year. The PPC members have a three-year term. The term for this council started on June 2013 and will end on April 2016.

There is also a Parish Finance Committee which comprises of 4 members and meets quarterly to approve and suggest expenses for the smooth functioning of the Parish.

Many of our councilors are new to the task and have taken their role rather seriously and always rise to the occasion. Even though being new to the challenge, various activities in the parish are carried out rather smoothly and joyously. The councilors representing the communities need to visit the families assigned to them, distributing the parish magazines – Bosco Beams, co-ordinating and planning with the members for Bosco Nite, Mission Fete, etc.

The mission statement of our parish reads as “We commit ourselves to build our families holistically, especially the youth and the marginalised.”

The vision statement of our parish reads as “We will deepen family life by: fostering closer relationship between spouses. Helping youth to prioritize social and spiritual values. Involving parents and children in faith formation. Outreach to the marginalised.”

To ensure that we are in line with the vision-mission statement of our Parish, the PPC members (through their communities, cells and associations) chalk out activities for various months with a focus on building holistic families. The events and activities of the PPC are pastoral in nature.

The activities undertaken by the PPC are :

Sr. No. Month Activity
1 Jan Novenas to St. John Bosco (with the help of the communities)
Bosco Nite (Feast/ Mass and Get-together).
2 Feb – April Lent and Holy week program (Mission week, Stations of the Cross, etc.)
3 May Tele-games
4 July Zonal Football & Throw Ball Tournaments
5 Oct Mission Fete
6 Nov Christ the King Feast
7 Dec Christmas and New Year


Apart from these activities, there are various events planned by the communities, cells and associations planned for the parishioners, like :

Sr. No. Activity
1 Community Mass and Get-togethers
2 World Marriage Day
3 Family Retreats
4 Sarva Dharma Prarthana Sabha
5 Intercessory Prayers
6 World Day of the Sick
7 Medical Check-ups
8 Parents Day
9 Vacation Bible Joy
10 Summer Club