The Pre-Baptism association was formed in June 1997, under the guidance of Fr. Aloysius Furtado, as per the letter received by the Mumbai Archdiocese, wherein all parishes should form a Pre Baptismal cell, where trained Cathecists would give sessions to expectant parents.


“The mission of the cell is to teach and instill Christian values to expectant parents, in the upbringing of the infant and preparing them for Baptism.”

Topics that are covered under this programme are :

  1. Growing in Love
  2. Living our Baptismal Promise
  3. Witnessing to our Children
  4. Baptism – the 1st Sacrament of Initiation

These sessions help the parents to experience a renewal of the Grace of Baptism in their own lives and provide insight on how to nuture the same in their child. This cell gets its teaching inputs from the Diocesan Catechetical Centre, Bandra.

4 members of our parish form the team : Mrs. Claudina Pinto, Mrs. Sylvia Kelly, Mrs. Bernadine Dmello and Mr. Lucas Dmello.

Sessions are conducted thrice a year. i.e. February, June & October – on the 2nd& 3rd Saturday’s of these months. The same is informed via church notices.

Its preferable for the expectant parents to attend, when the mother is in the 3rd or 4th month of pregenency. After successful completion of the course, Certificates are given to parents. This certificate needs to be produced to the parish priest before the Baptism of the child.