Established: Year 1996

Small Christian Community is a Miniature Church in the neighborhood and its mission is to try to find ways to help all the baptized persons to become co-responsible for the mission of the

SCC’s in the neighbourhood.

Bishop Bosco Penha was the first Director of SCC’s in the Archdiocese.

Currently, we have Bishop Agnelo Gracias as Director of SCC’s in the Archdiocese

Our Parish has 13 Communities. Each community has their Patron Saint. i.e.

Sr.No. Communities
1. Guardian Angel Gorai I
2. Martin Gorai II
3. Mother Theresa Gorai III
4. Our Lady of Rosary   New M.H.B
5. Holy Family Old M.H.B
6. Holy Trinity Yogi North
7. Good Shepherd Yogi south
8. Dominic Savio T Road
9. Bonaventure Eksar
10. Augustine Babhai
11. Assumption Vazira
12. Christ the King Jairaj
13. Our Lady of Mercy Chikoowadi


Meetings are held at 8.00p.m. in the evenings, in all the communities according to their specific days. The Priests  of our Parish and Sisters of St. Anne’s Convent are appointed for each community, wherein they attend the monthly meetings along with the Parish Coordinator.

The SCC meetings are held every month in all the 13 communities. We have a hymn followed by the opening prayer and then the seven steps Gospel Sharing is taken for reflection and sharing. A Secretary is appointed for all respective communities to write down the minutes. The previous and current PPC minutes are read. New task is taken by the core group members. Intercessory and spontaneous prayers are said. We conclude with a prayer followed by fellowship.

The community animators work wisely and well to make their community stronger. They maintain, execute and communicate well with their members of their zone. Total support is also provided by the parish priest so that every community runs well.

Borivali Deanery consist of 15 Parishes i.e

Sr.No. Parishes
1. Christ the King Borivali (E)
2. O.L. of Immaculate Conception Borivali (W)
3. St. John Bosco Borivali (W)
4. St. Louis Dahisar (W)
5. St. Joseph Goregaon (E)
6. St. Thomas Goregaon
7. Our Lady of the Rosary Goregaon (W)
8. Nativity of Our Lord Kandivli (E)
9. Our Lady of the Assumption Kandivli (W)
10. Our Lady of the Sea Madh
11. St. Jude Malad (E)
12. Our Lady of Lourdes Malad (W)
13. St. Anthony Malwani
14. Our Lady of Forsaken Malwani
15. Our Lady of Remedy Poinsur


Lay Coordinators meetings are held every quarter along with Bishop Agnelo Gracias and Formation & Involvement of the Laity in the Mission of the Church (FILMC) team.

Deanery meetings are held every quarterly at various Borivali Deanery Parishes along with the FILMC Team, Lia Satheand  Rev Fr. Savio D’Souza (Our Deanery Coordinator).

The April and October months are scheduled for SCC Foundation Course. Many of our Parishioners attend this course to achieve a lot of knowledge and share their experience during the steering community meet and also within their community meetings. The entire report is then put up in the Bosco Beam magazine where everyone could go through the entire programme that was conducted at the course.

TOA (Training Of Animators) programme is a 1 year course, organized by FILMC

Every quarter we have a Steering Committee meeting to discuss and review how each community is growing. The 13 communities submit their quarterly reports to the Parish Coordinator and then further these reports are put into spiritual, social cultural, outreach service, parish level activities and others. A standard format is prepared and submitted to Bishop’s House. Annually three quarterly reports are submitted to Bishop’s House.
The tasks carried out by the SCC’s are Spiritual, Social & Cultural, Outreach Service, Clusters and others :

Spiritual :

Annual thanksgiving mass with fellowship in honor of their patron Saint is conducted. The entire community Unite to make this a special day, they join together with games, singing and dancing.

We welcome the confirmation children to the SCC meeting; a special prayer is recited for them. A rose is given as a sign of love and appreciation by an elderly member. An attendance card is given to them and the community leader signs the card at the end of every meeting.

Rosaries are conducted as a task in home bound, and sick. Short prayers are said in the homes of the deceased family. We have the Visitation of Our Lady every May and October month. We have pilgrimage for Senior citizens to Nasik, Mount Mary, Mass for the Home-bound, Mass for student appearing for X, XII and Graduation. Every First Fridays/end of the months we have Adoration conducted by the Associations. During Lent we have Station of the Cross conducted in various communities.

Social & Cultural :

The feast of Don Bosco is a social event where the whole parish participates to make this day a successful one.

Games are organized by youth for parishioners like Throw ball, football, etc. Special event are organized for all parishioner on Children’s Day, Parents day, Skits, singing are enacted by children, youth wherein the entire parish enjoy the day.

The Parish Pastoral Council discusses the agenda, A theme, colour is given to each community by means of lots. We appoint 4 groups to take charge of dinner section, games, arrangements, housie. The parish priest is always present during our discussions. Everything is put down on paper so that there is no further confusion. During this event gifts are distributed as spot prizes to all. Most of the gifts are sponsored and donated by our parishioners.

Outreach Service :

Homes like Shanti Daan, Leprosy, Asha Deep, Asangaon, HIV / Cancer, St Anne’s High School, Bosco Boys Home, are visited by the communities. Aids like grain, sanitary items, stationery, clothes, biscuits, ration for the needy etc. are provided to them.

Mission Sunday is a sign of charity.  Our parish priest reminds our parishioners to take rest from the kitchen activities and contribute generously towards the stalls. Each community prepares sumptuous mouth- watering dishes. We have games for the children and adults. Auctions take place for sponsored items. We have our DJ with good music during the entire event. The amount collected is given to Missions. Strong unity completes the entire show. 

Clusters :

Small Christian Community is a Mini Church. The Communities further break up into small clusters of families for more effective involvement.

Most of our Communities have formed Clusters.

What are Clusters?

Clusters are grouping of families in a neighbourhood – about 10/12 families, each cluster groups for example families of one chawl, building, wing, cottage’s around each other.

“Unity is Strength

When there is teamwork and collaboration,

Wonderful things can be achieved”