In every corner of the world, there exists a home of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. The Sisters and Brothers of Missionaries of Charity take up a mission of unwanted, ailing, physically and mentally challenged, dying destitute of the world, provide them with basic needs (food, clothing & shelter), medical attention and look after them with loving human care.
Shanti Daan was established in 1991. Land was released by the state government of Maharashtra and was built from the finance provided by a well wisher Tulsidas H. Chandrai and family, who also provided beds, blankets and other necessary things to run the home. This home has the capacity of 218 beds yet generally accommodates 275 – 300 inmates.
Our service to the poorest of the poor is done in a simple and direct way that responds to the immediate and the urgent need of the poor person, i.e. cleanliness, food, medical care. We also reach out to these immediate and short term needs of the sick or disable persons in their critical condition. We may not able to provide them for long term rehabilitation needs in this present structure.

Who are admitted in Shanti Daan?

Dying destitute in the streets, pavements, gutters, bus-stops, railway stations and public places. The destitute is generally in a condition of malnutrition, chronic illness, suffering with open and rotting wounds, often with infections of maggots, severe tuberculosis, pneumonia, loss of eyesight, deaf and dumb, mentally and physically challenged and rejected by the family & relatives, the public and the hospitals etc.

How can you help Shanti Daan?

By providing the following :
• Physical participation – be a part of Shanti Daan by giving your valuable time, talking, caring, listening to the patients and doing some simple jobs like dressing and trimming their nails and so on.
• Assisting in nursing between 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
• Food grains (rice, daal, spices and other things too), clothing, linen and blankets.
• Medical, surgical dressing material (the requirement is available at the office).
• Toilet articles such as bathing soaps, washing powder & soaps, tooth brush & paste, shaving cream & blades etc.
• Capital items like water-beds, wheel chairs, walkers, crutches and physiotherapy equipments. > Kitchen – utensils, (please consult staff)
• Lump-sum cash/cheque, whatever amount you wish to donate generously for our daily living, break-fast, lunch, tea snacks and dinner. Your donation shall qualify for deduction / U/S 80G of I.T. (more information is available at the office).

Please Ensure that :
• Kindly receive a receipt for your donation from the office.
• Cooked food will be accepted only with the prior approval of the staff.
• If you wish to give anything to a particular patient please consult the Brother-in-charge.
• Kindly do not encourage the inmates and co-workers by giving alcoholic things such as tobacco, cigarettes and money too.

Requires sponsorship for the following :

Particulars Time Amout Other Requirements
Breakfast 7.30 AM 3000.00 Bath Soaps
Lunch 12.00 Noon 4000.00 Surf Powder
Snacks 3.00 PM 1500.00 Tooth Pastes
Dinner 7.00 PM 4000.00 Coconut Oil
Fruits Lunch Time 900.00 Shaving Blades
Sheera Dinner Time 900.00 Phenyl
Floor Washing Liquid

Donation in cash or cheque are accepted for medical expenses of the inmates and for the maintenance of home. Cheque should be drawn in favour of : Shanti Daan, Missionaries of Charity

Shanti Daan (Missionaries of Charity)
L.T. Road,Gorai Creek
Borivali West
Mumbai – 400091



Visiting Hours :

8.30a.m. to 12.00p.m. & 3.00p.m. to 6.00p.m.