Patron Saint :St. Vincent de Paul

Mission :Practice Christianity by helping those in need on a person-to-person basis and in a spirit of Charity and Justice – regardless of class, creed, colour or political belief.

Motto :Helping the poor and needy with a Smile

Date of Establishment :Founded in Paris in 1833 by Blessed Frederic Ozanam.

In St. John Bosco Parish started from 1999


Activities :

1) Spiritual Enrichment :

‘Spiritual Wellbeing’ is an important part of our mission. During our visits, we pray with them, enquire about their children and stress on the importance of being groomed in ‘Catholic’ faith.


2) Basic Needs :

  1. After several visits and background checks, we adopt a family for monthly rations.
  2. Provide medical aid, medicines or sponsoring major operations only to our adopted families.
  3. Distribute vegetables to adopted and needy families once a month.
  4. Sponsoring Fees, recommending Scholarship to needy children
  5. Sponsoring material to needy families.
  6. Providing nutrition powder to children and elders when they are sick and physically weak
  7. Liaising with School Principals to avail concession in School Fees and Vocational courses.
  8. Providing renovated cycles to children who cannot afford private conveyance
  9. Providing financial support to conduct the last rites of adopted families’ members.
  10. Assisting the able bodied and educated members of sponsored families in securing suitable jobs.