Don Bosco Sunday School cherishes children of our parish. As a community of believers we work together to raise them in the catholic faith.  Our goal is to guide children and assist parents in forming the faith of their children by teaching them the prayers and traditions of the church. Familiarizing them with sacred scripture, teaching Christian values and showing them how to live according to those values and presenting them with opportunities to serve others through skits, PPT, and making the classes action oriented and activity based. We hope to help our children to live and grow spiritually through the sacraments and understanding of our faith. At present we have 305 students from classes Std. 1 to Std. 11. We have 23 catechist of whom 6 have done their Catechist training course and 2 more are pursuing the course. Orientations are conducted at the beginning of the academic year for our catechist.


“To let the children know and experience Jesus’ boundless love.”

Sunday School Team for the year 2015-16

Sr.No. Std Teachers
1. Std 1 Ms. Celine
2. Std 2 Ms. Sherie, Mrs. Cianne
3. Std 3 Mrs. Pearl, Mr. Joshua
4. Communion Mrs. Sabina, Ms. Joyce
5. Std 5 Mr. Sunny, Mrs. Blanche
6. Std 6 Ms. Kiran, Mrs. Josephine
7. Std 7 Mr. Durran, Mrs. Carmen
8. Std 8 Mrs. Anita, Ms. Suvanna
9. Std 9 Ms. Caroline, Mrs. Ranjana
10. Std 10 Mrs. Virginia, Mr. Dhruv.
11. Confirmation Mrs. Cynthia D’mello, Mr. Milton, Sr. Sagaya, Mrs. Lelith.

Nature of activities:

We work on several activities during the year which consist of Parents’ day and annual day celebrations, Novena to Our Lady, encouraging our children to be actively involved in the Mission Fete, Christmas musical, retreat, picnic, etc. For spiritual growth of the family faith formation sessions are conducted for children and parents of all classes. Children are asked to join in the various groups (Legion of Mary, Lectors, Altar servers, Choir) in the Church.

As Catholics, our call is to be stewards of the gifts given to us by God and to use those gifts to benefit all. We rely heavily on the stewardship of many parishioners. Those interested to serve in this ministry can give their names to the Parish Priest.