Parish Notices for 15th Jan 2017

  • 05:30 PM

(For Saturday evening Mass only)

The Parish Pastoral Council will meet after this Mass.


Hindi Bible Cell will meet tommorrrow/today after the 5.30 p.m. Mass.


Deanery Youth Day will be celebrated in our parish tomorrow/today starting at 8.30 a.m. in the school Hall.


Movie of the month ‘The Climb’ presented by the Cluster Support Group team screens tomorrow/today at 6.30 p.m. in the A.V. Hall.


Confirmation candidates will have a 2 day retreat on Saturday, 21st January and Sunday, 22nd January from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Kindly register with your Confirmation Catechist. Please note, attendance is compulsory.


A Rally called ‘Road to Freedom’ has been organized by the parishioners of Our Lady of Remedy Church, Poinsur next Saturday, 21st January at 10.30 a.m. starting from Remedy Church Poinsur upto the BMC office in Kandivali to protest the demands by the BMC authorities to take over the Church land of the Remedy parish. All parishioners are requested to join the protest rally in large numbers.


Pre – Baptism Course will be held in February on the weekends of 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th. Registration to be done at the parish office. Parents please note that the Pre-Baptism course must be done before the birth of your child.


The SCCs will meet as follows:-

Jayraj Nagar Zone – Monday, 16th January at the residence of Helen D’Souza.

New MHB Zone – Tuesday, 17th January at the residence of Monty Fernandes.

Eksar Zone – Thursday, 19th January at the residence of Sunil Rodrigues.

Babhai Zone – Thursday, 19th January at the residence of Warren Rebello.

Old MHB Zone – Thursday, 19th January at the residence of Janet Noronha.


The following Marriage Banns are being published hereby:

  1. The Second Banns of Mr. Ryan D’Souza, bachelor son of Mr. Mathew D’Souza and Mrs. Rosy D’Souza residing at Jayraj Nagar, Borivli (West) and Miss Shefali Menezes, spinster daughter of Mr. Martin Menezes and Mrs. Emmiliana Menezes from Kanpur, currently residing in Amboli, Mumbai.
  2. The Second Banns of Mr. Rodney D’Souza, bachelor son of Mr. Mathew D’Souza and Mrs. Rosy D’Souza from Jayraj Nagar, Borivli (West), currently residing in Switzerland and Miss Roshna D’Souza, spinster daughter of Mr. Vincent D’Souza and Mrs. Benedicta D’Souza residing at Derebail, Mangalore.
  3. The First Banns of Mr. Henderson D’Souza, bachelor son of late Alex D’Souza and Mrs. Nancy D’Souza from Factory Lane, Borivli (West) currently residing in Bermuda islands and Miss Siera Antonita D’Costa, spinster daughter of late Soccoro D’Costa and Mrs. Leonara D’Costa from Goa currently residing in Byculla, Mumbai.


 If any one finds any impediments as to why the couple mentioned above, should not be married, you are bound to inform the Parish Priest as soon as possible.